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You can approach our HR expert for an online consultation regarding professional growth and job search.

What You Can Discuss with an HR

Write and Review your CV
  • We help you write your CV.
  • We edit your existing CV.
  • We point out the strengths that put your ahead of other candidates.
An analysis of the soft skills
  • We determine various qualities that can help you get your first job in blockchain or adjust to a new workspace.
  • We help you review and establish soft skills that you have to develop or improve for a successful job interview.
  • We discuss the skills required for working in a team.
Help with choosing an IT profession
  • We consult you on various jobs available in Blockchain.
  • We help you choose a Blockchain specialty that would suit your existing skills and allow you to quickly grow in the field.
Forming a strategy for a job search
  • We discuss the best platforms for a job search.
  • We review the best channels for promoting your resume.
  • We recommend the best communication practices for interacting with employers.
  • We help you write a noticeable Cover Letter.
Self Presentation consulting
  • We discuss preparation stages for a job interview to help achieve the most successful outcome.
  • We teach you to research the company and job listing information.
  • We help you prepare the best presentation outlining your skills and advantages.
Holding a practice interview
  • We practice a job interview with an HR expert in real-time.
  • We ask the most common questions and choose the best possible answers that help present you better.
  • We discuss the questions you should ask your potential employer.

Our Advantages

Candidates trust us with their job search process, knowing that we are able to help them achieve their most ambitious goals.

  • Successful Cases

    We know very well how to write a CV that would guarantee you a first job interview
  • Individual Approach

    We work individually with every candidate, which helps us quickly respond to any requests
  • Confidentiality

    All information we obtain during a career consultation remains confidential

  • Wise Investment

    We offer fixed fees for our services, and you always know what you are paying for

  • Efficiency

    98% success rate for our services

HashEx is known for a team of professionals with at least 5 years of experience. They are happy to share their knowledge and skills with job seekers. I’m ready to teach you how to become a successful expert and get the best offers.
HashEx HR expert
Natalia Krasovskaia
Interviews with candidates
Effective career consultations
Successful work in HR
  • I approached HashEx with two issues that have been quickly resolved over the course of one career consultation. I ordered the VIP pack: there was a critical error in my CV and I was afraid of self-presentation during an interview.
    My previous company used to change its name every 3-6 months which led to me having worked in four companies over 2 years. This scared potential employers as they assumed I wasn’t a trustworthy candidate.
    Following Natalia’s recommendations, I used one company name instead of four and employers became way more excited to invite me for an interview.
    Regarding self-presentation, we prepared a list of facts I should focus on during an interview. The issue was resolved quickly. For which I’m grateful.

    Roman Boyarov

    Solidity developer in a big project

  • My main mistake was pointing out the lack of real workplace commercial experience in my CV. In reality, I worked on a freelance basis for 6 months, and for the next 6 months, I developed my own pet projects. So I had about a year of experience which I highlighted in my resume following the recommendations of HashEx HR. This gave me an advantage over the rest of the candidates and helped me secure my first job.
    I’m very thankful to HashEx for their help.

    Kirill Melnikov

    Solidity developer in a startup

Consulting Steps

You choose a bundle that best helps address the issues that interest you.
We agree on a specific time to hold a Google Meet call where the most relevant questions will be discussed.
Basic Bundle: the CV review is held via a text chat.
The Process
We take 45 minutes to discuss all your questions according to the bundle you’ve selected.
Basic Bundle: you send us your CV as well as the list of your CV-related questions. You get recommendations on writing or improving your CV.

Usually, one consultation is enough to resolve all your questions. If necessary, we can set up additional calls to clarify the results.

Service prices

  • Compilation and analysis of CV

(written recommendations)

  • Compilation and analysis of CV
  • Analysis of your soft skills that will help with employment
  • Help with choosing a profession
  • Job search strategy
  • Compilation and analysis of CV
  • Analysis of your soft skills that will help with employment
  • Help with choosing a profession
  • Job search strategy
  • Self-presentation
  • Interview rehearsal
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