Blockchain Interview

You can get a practice job interview with one of our tech specialists, determine your strengths and weaknesses, and receive an Individual Improvement Plan.
  • Online

    We hold the interview online at the time that suits you best.

  • From $100

    Price for the expert interview.

  • 9 Experts
    Our team offers interview services from СЕО, CTO, Lead, Senior dev.
  • What You Get
    As a result of our interview, you get a clear understanding of your next steps in professional improvement. More information here.
Who Can Benefit from a Practice Interview
  • Junior in IT

    You will learn how interviews are usually held in big companies, get an understanding of what interests your potential employers, separate your strengths from weaknesses, and figure out what you could use to your advantage in a real job interview.

  • Middle and Senior in Blockchain

    You will be able to realize your actual grade and receive answers to the questions that interest you from the best blockchain security experts.

  • Middle and Senior from various IT areas

    You will be able to discuss your issues with Blockchain experts and get an understanding of what existing skills you could use for fast growth in this field.

  • Practice interview is suitable for the following positions:

    Solidity Developer, Smart Contract Developer, BA, Frontend Developer, Marketing manager, Sales manager, Auditor, Backend Blockchain Developer, Full stack Developer, HTML/CSS Coder, UI/UX designer.

What You Get out of a Practice Interview

  • You learn about your strengths that can be used in a real project
  • You can learn about the process of teamwork in a real company
  • You get interview practice that will build up professional confidence
  • We will help you determine the technical skills that you need to obtain or improve to become successful
  • You can ask any technical or other questions that interest or worry you

Interview Steps

You choose an expert whose feedback you want to receive.
We send you a link to a Google Meet call, set for a specific, previously agreed on, time.
For 45 minutes you are being interviewed by our expert and complete technical tasks in the live-coding regime. You can also ask any questions during the interview.
According to the results of your interview, within 72 hours you will receive an IIP that lists your strengths and weaknesses, as well as recommendations for further improvement.
Our experts
  • Dmitry Mishunin
  • Gleb Zykov
  • Alexey Belozertsev
    Team & Tech Lead
  • Ksenia Borodulina
    Sales & Marketing Lead
  • Olga Ortega
    Project & Product Manager
  • Timofey Ukleev

    Lead Audit

  • Mikhail Makarov
    Team Lead
  • Nikita Tepelin
    Senior SC & Blockchain Developer
Service prices
Dmitry Mishunin
Alexey Belozertsev
Team & Tech Lead
Mikhail Makarov
Team Lead
Gleb Zykov
Timofey Ukleev
Lead Audit
Nikita Tepelin
Senior SC & Blockchain Developer
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